Monday, February 20, 2012

Vitamin Eeeeeeeee! Let's heal some scars....

I've had my share of scrapes, bumps and bruises.
I don't always mind if something leaves a scar esp if it has a good story behind it!
Then there are others I really would rather do without.

Vitamin E:

Has been proven to help heart disease,
Prevent cancer,
Severely cracked and dry lips (hands and heels),
Help slow and maybe reverse some signs of aging.

It has wonderful antioxidant properties which are important to cell membranes that help purify and cleanse the body as well as heal your skin when it comes to scars and various other unsightly things.
Now I'm not saying it'll take care of any and every scar cause some need to be removed via a Dr.
However, it can really do wonders on acne scars, some stretch marks, cuts received on the job ect...

Read further to see where I gathered more information!


Vitamin E can be found in your food as well which can be another powerful way to heal your body..
 If curious :)

Tip & Application Procedure:
I usually get capsules and a sterilized pin to prick a small hole and squeeze out what I need.
Take notice though, this capsule once punctured is only good for 1 week max!!
Storage of such a little guy can be done in a air tight plastic bag or small container.
Apply to your scar or healing wound 3 times a day until desired results.
If it's easier just do it twice a day morning & night.

Yet another cool tidbit on something you will most likely find in your kitchen!

Have a wonderful day and stay warm, it's chilly here in somewhat sunny CO ;)

Shannon <3

Ladies, interested in whiter fingernail tips??

Let's talk about dirt!
The dirt under and around the nails.

Are you grossed out like me when you see people with filthy nails and you see them touching the same doors and things you to?? too!!
Our fingernails and under can carry some pretty disgusting crud.
Now I get it that some people have professions where they are always around dirt and gunk.
I lived in a garage with my guy friends when I was a teenager and I worked on a ranch.
So I definitely get it!


With all of these super germs (and regular everyday) that keep popping up it gets one thinking about what more can I do to protect myself? Doesn't it? We all work around other people and know people don't keep their hands as clean as they really should. My co worker Linda at the spa reminded me you should sing "Happy Birthday" while washing your hands to know how long it should take to thoroughly cleanse.
I had forgotten that!

But what are some other tips to keeping clean?

Hydrogen Peroxide is cheap, convenient and easy to get a hold of!
It's slightly more dense than water and has a funky smell to some but it's a wonderful bottle of joy to keep under your bathroom sink! I usually keep at least 2.
Hydrogen Peroxide is Anti-Viral, Antibacterial as well as Anti-fungal.

You can use it for the following:
A mouth rinse (Which my husband swears by!)
Clean out cuts and other various ouchies.
You an soak your tooth brush in there for 10 min to kill germs and bacteria.
Can help cleanse various things of nasty stuff in your kitchen.

But I want to mention a quick way to soak your fingernails!

It's simple:
Here are a few things I use when I don't have much time and still want to take care of my nails...

 1. Wash your hands in warm water with soap so your nails are already wet.

2. Take a small glass or plastic bowl and pour some hydrogen peroxide in, enough so it can comfortably cover each nail and slightly above the fist place where you finger bends.

3. Let soak for 10 min.
You should see bubbles and feel some fizz, and be warned as if you have a cut it may sting.
Don't freak out if your skin gets little white patches.
It's normal and mine have ALWAYS gone away shortly after I take my fingers out and they are dry.

4. After 10 min you may remove and either proceed with an at home manicure (Which I will have another blog for when I get some pics taken!) or dry them off and use some lotion to moisturize if you desire. I live in CO so I usually don't have lotion very far.
(Actually, there's a bottle at every sink in my house!) 

Ladies, you will LOVE this if you like your natural nails long, it will give them a french tip effect, add clear coat and you're good to go!!
And if you have artificial soak them anyway to help keep underneath clean.
Gentlemen, this is great no matter what job you have! It'll help keep sickness away from you and your loved ones. :)

That's all I have for now and I hope you liked this little tip!
Keep  coming back and let me know what you'd like to see, have me try ect.. I love to do this and more importantly I love talking with you!!

Shannon <3

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Blackheads on your nose and how to safely remove them!!

I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off and have had zero time to write!

So please keep plugging with me...
Thanks for the feedback Robert & Charles :) I appreciate it!!

I do need pictures don't I? 
Consider it done!

So. Back to my messy thoughts of the evening....

Your nose is a very powerful part of your body telling you what's up.
We all get those nasty black heads.
Hate'em like I do?
Of course!
In fact they could be telling you something is off in your diet,
Or that you just don't hydrate enough.

There are a few way to get rid of them or at least make them less...

Lemon juice:
It's antibacterial properties go to the root and start killing those little suckers off!
Cleanse and steam for a couple min then apply some lemon juice and let the tingle happen. 
I like feeling it get in there and do it's work, others may find it too much. 
(And that may be an indicator chemical peels are NOT for you.)
You may remove or leave it set over night. 
Don't apply too much or you'll be sticky!
Results can happen in a day or a couple. 
Always remember sunblock as lemons lower your skin's tolerance to certain rays.

Toothpaste and Olive Oil:
As always cleanse & steam.
Mix some olive oil and toothpaste (Nothing with gel and preferably organic if not that's okay too.) on a cotton round and apply in small circles on nose,
The peppermint may be strong and burn your eyes some, I usually close my eyes and rest.
Let it set on for 5-10 min then rinse with warm water and splash with cool after to close pores.
You should see a difference!

Biore Pores Strips:
Cleanse & Steam.
Read instructions and be careful not to over soak your strip as it will be pretty much useless.
Let it set up till it's hard then gently remove as it says.
These things are fun to look over when finished hehe Yes, I'm sick ;P
Rinse any crust that may still be on and splash cold water to close pores.

These are 3 methods I use besides vitamins, water and antioxidants! 
(Facials too when I have the chance)
These are cheap and effective.

Don't get over ambitious and try to pop them out, 
there's a chance for scaring or the result of a Rodolph nose come morning.

Well, I am VERY tired and need to crash but had to get this out before my blog fluttered away with the rest of my crazy busy week... OI.

Shannon <3
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Come join the fun! 
Looking forward in seeing you there!!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Finish that workout with a mini detox!

I'm sure you know:
That part of the reason we are told working out is good for our bodies is that it helps release toxins.
Stretching, sweating ect... It all helps our bodies purge the gunk that builds up over time.
And if you hit it hard enough your body should have some sort tremble going on,
where if you do one more thing you'll fall over!
In feeling like that you should've worked up quite a sweat, this also helps purge your body.

Why do you think spa's have steam rooms and sauna's??
To help clean out some of that gunk!
(Some people think they'll loose weight when in reality it's just excess water retention not actual weight loss.)
To be honest, most of those places in most spa's make me nervous... 
They rarely get cleaned correctly and you can get sick super fast.
(For example, my husband on our honeymoon.)
Now some places do in fact keep them clean and disinfected like they should be.
Thank heavens!
However, if you don't have access to one of these your shower will double for a steam room nicely.

After a hard workout or long day try the following:
Warm the bathroom with the hottest water as possible while getting ready for your shower and start getting those pores open.
(Make sure you have cool water to drink while you're in there if you feel faint.)
Turn the heat down to a reasonable temp so you don't scald yourself and wash as normal.
Put your hair conditioner in and a mask on your face for this last part...
Turn the water back up to high heat and let the warmth flow around you.
This feels absolutely wonderful!! You can feel your skin and muscles thanking you.
(Make sure your shower head isn't close, aim it down or to the side a little!)
Do this for at least 5 min then turn it back to a reasonable temp and rinse.
The final act isn't always a favorite but it not only preserves shine in hair and is good for tightening  your pores back up is doing a quick rinse with cool water.
I know, I know... But your body will love you for it later.
 Pat yourself dry, apply lotion,
any treatments you might use on your hair,
and your nightly or daily skin care routine.
If you have any vitamins or shakes you drink after a workout I suggest to do it then followed by a meal 
and of course water.

Try this and see how you feel afterwards and or the next morning!
You might feel tired or you might feel energized.
This all depends on your stress levels,
sleep record,
over all health ect...

If you're sensitive to high heat then try taking a bath seeing as that's another way to go and it might be easier so you're not standing.

Shannon <3

Friday, February 3, 2012

Splash with warm then splash with cold!

Though this won't be a traditional DIY blog,
I was thinking of a quick tip that helps you get your face twice as clean before bed and every morning when you wake and are getting ready for your day....

Before you go straight for the face wash or cleansing bar,
splash your face with warm water and get those pores ready to be cleaned out!
If you don't have a face wash that removes eye makeup I suggest you do that next with a mild remover.
Nothing with parabens or any such chemical.

You can make your own makeup remover with Olive oil and Witch Hazel!
I will admit I have yet to try this but I've heard rave reviews about it if your skin is alright on the olive oil front...
It's on my to do list!!
I'm currently using Equate, a store brand.

After your makeup is removed with a gentle hand of course, we don't want to chance damaging the skin around our eyes seeing as it's so thin. Your skin is now ready for a cleansing!
Massage in soothing circles that go up and out. 
never go down as your up and out help keep your muscles toned and informed up is best. :)
Rinse your face with warm water once again.
Then splash on some cold to close those pores and get them ready for your toner!

After your toner you should have a serum, then moisturizer for your face and eyes.
These should be a little more intense than your day cremes seeing as your skin does most of its regenerating at night while you sleep. Thus we call it beauty sleep.
I have and antioxidant serum from Juice Beauty, LOVE it!!!
It's $45.00 and worth every drop. 

Try these little things when you do your nightly or daily cleansing and see how it helps you feel even more refreshed! I swear by this and can tell when I forget out of laziness or sleepiness.

If you're in a place that's having snow like me enjoy it!
And if you're not and you happen to be in a warmer location enjoy that as well, esp if you're at a beach!!

Shannon <3

You should have 2 different cleaners, a scrub/or an at home peel. 
One meant for bedtime which would be a deeper clean, that or the scrub/and or peel.
(Which is only to be used max 3 times a week for the scrub. 
 And 1 to 2 times a week for the peel.
You don't want to over exfoliate!
People who use a scrub/or peel every day will come to regret it as it has the possibility to cause premature wrinkles. Your skin needs a break to recover just like muscles when working out.)
And one for the day which would be more gentle and soothing.
(since you shouldn't have any makeup on your face.)

Hope that wasn't too confusing ;)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Something worth soaking in... A soothing bath!

Have a long day?
Do you need a relaxing bath and maybe a glass of wine?

I have the perfect bath to go with that glass of white (Or red if you prefer)!!!

Simply run your bath as usual 
(I usually have some sorta mild (not heavy scent) bubble bath I add),
Grab some Chamomile tea bags,
Lavender oil,
And a tub pillow for your neck...

Either break open the tea bags and sprinkle around or leave them whole and drop in.
(I use at least 2.)
Take a couple drops of lavender oil and drip them in the water.
(5-10, make sure you don't have any allergies first!)
Candles add that extra soothing atmosphere needed after a trying day,
That or one of those cool nightlights that change colors slowly.
Very quickly you'll notice your body is relaxing and ready to unwind...
Soak for a minimum of 30 min but no longer than 1 hour.
Slather on your favorite lotion and hit your sheets and crash for the night!!

When my husband was down with the flu at the start of this year he hadn't been sleeping well so I ran him one of these baths... I had to help him walk down the stairs he was so relaxed and ready for sleep!!

Did you know Lavender oil just might help with firming(Still looking in on that study...)?
Helps calm anxiety 
(You can buy those little bags for crafts at Hobby Lobby and add one drop of lavender and one of geranium in one and take a few breaths when the feeling starts to arise. This should help you center yourself and focus. 
Keep it on your person or in your purse.),
Hay fever(one drop of that and then one drop of lemon oil and chamomile on a tissue then inhale),

As always read the directions and use essential oils with caution as they are VERY strong.

Enjoy this relaxing bath and let your body soak in the pleasure!!

Shannon  <3

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Egg & Lemon Mask! Super easy! Super fast!

I have one amazing mask that's fast and easy to apply!

Raw egg white and Lemon w/an herbal steam:

  This is a wonderful mini facial treatment and is super easy to wipe off.
Who doesn't like that??

I like to use this treatment when I feel like I need to clear up some clogged pores, esp on my nose. 
And I love how simple and cheap this is cause if you're like me you get so busy during the day and you still have a desire to pamper yourself but the energy level just isn't quite there. Thus my loving this!!

I set out a pot of water to boil and add some sort of herb depending on what my goal is as I open up my pores.
Let's go with Peppermint: 
Is stimulating and revitalizing! 
It can aid headaches,
Digestive problems and more.
The oil is my favorite but if I don't have any on hand I use a teabag. 
 Let the water come to a boil and while you do that go wash your face and exfoliate with a scrub.
After, grab a towel and head over to the stove where your water is, lean forward and let the steam open your pores. Do be careful and don't get too close and don't over steam! So 3-5 minuets. 

I find it easier to have the mask premixed.
 Mixing the mask:
One egg white
Then either 1/2 of a fresh lemon squeezed into the same bowl with the egg 
Or lemon juice from a bottle.
(I prefer fresh lemon)
Mix with a fan brush and let the egg foam then apply liberally over face and neck.
(Avoid the mouth and eye area.)
Let it set on your skin for 15-20 min. Your skin should feel tight and look shiny.
Rinse with warm water then splash cold water on your face to close pores.
Hydrate with a toner then moisturize. 
This mask is best with oily/combo skin types, NOT DRY!

The egg protein is amazing and the lemon is refreshing as well as adding that deeper cleanse.

Try it, you'll love it! 
Gives a wonderful glow :)

Wishing you wonderful skin health!

Shannon <3