Saturday, February 16, 2013

DIY Easy Organic Cold Kicker!

A dear family friend txt me this info the other day and I decided I'd give it a shot seeing as I've been struck with a cold and would like to be better since the baby is due ANY day now!

Besides, who wants to feel crappy anyway?

Hmmm Nobody!

Here's how you mix it:

1. Half a mug of filtered water heated for 2 min

2. Roughly an oz or so of Bragg apple cider vinegar mixed in

3. Healthy spoon full of organic, raw honey

4. Lemon slice

5. Let it cool to taste then drink!

Sure it's kinda of strong in smell and maybe taste for some but I don't mind it.

**Just make sure you have something in your tummy BEFORE you drink this and DON'T brush your teeth for at least 30 min after. Try to have it twice in one day if you can.

The honey is a huge flavor helper so if you need more just add it! Raw honey is awesome for you so you're not going to hurt the mixture by any means. It's jam packed with B6, thiamin, niacin and riboflavin. (Of course volume of each nutritional aspect depends on the flower it's derived from.)
It's also a fantastic antioxidant!

I was also told it's great to use as a cold deterrent if you feel something coming on.

Have a wonderful day,
Shannon <3