Monday, August 5, 2013

DIY Green tea detox water!

I've been watching people use green tea as a scrub for their face a while on youtube and Bubz is the one that got me thinking... I LOVE to drink green tea and seriously miss it! (Can't consume it when you're pregnant or nursing.) It was a great way to add a natural spring to my step and help me feel healthy as it's a wonderful antioxidant. 

Here's the idea I came up with:

Use green tea as a scrub but also use the tea made from the teabag so you don't waste it!
(You need to soak the leaves to activate the goodness inside)

You're still benefitting, just in a different way :)

A. Turn your faucet on hot and let the tea steep for 5 min.. 
You have now created a nice detox water to aid in cleansing your face.
(Can you see my burnt out bulb in the reflection of the water? haha)

B. Use this to dampen your face and then pump out your cleanser mixing with it in your hands or a bowl with the tea leaves from your teabag. Scrub, gently in circular motions for a min or so. (I used my Cleanse And Tone from Michael Todd. My new favorite!)

C. Rinse face and pat dry or move onto a mask if desired

The end result looked pretty gross but it felt SO good :)
My skin was so clean and crisp, I will be dong this again!

** If you're planning on a mask make sure you use clean water for rinsing. 

I hope you enjoy this quick skin gem like I did!
Such a fast way to have a green tea detox using your water you cleanse with at night.
I wouldn't use the scrub more than 2-3 times within a week. Or save it for your once a week mini facial treatment like me.

Shannon <3