Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Egg & Lemon Mask! Super easy! Super fast!

I have one amazing mask that's fast and easy to apply!

Raw egg white and Lemon w/an herbal steam:

  This is a wonderful mini facial treatment and is super easy to wipe off.
Who doesn't like that??

I like to use this treatment when I feel like I need to clear up some clogged pores, esp on my nose. 
And I love how simple and cheap this is cause if you're like me you get so busy during the day and you still have a desire to pamper yourself but the energy level just isn't quite there. Thus my loving this!!

I set out a pot of water to boil and add some sort of herb depending on what my goal is as I open up my pores.
Let's go with Peppermint: 
Is stimulating and revitalizing! 
It can aid headaches,
Digestive problems and more.
The oil is my favorite but if I don't have any on hand I use a teabag. 
 Let the water come to a boil and while you do that go wash your face and exfoliate with a scrub.
After, grab a towel and head over to the stove where your water is, lean forward and let the steam open your pores. Do be careful and don't get too close and don't over steam! So 3-5 minuets. 

I find it easier to have the mask premixed.
 Mixing the mask:
One egg white
Then either 1/2 of a fresh lemon squeezed into the same bowl with the egg 
Or lemon juice from a bottle.
(I prefer fresh lemon)
Mix with a fan brush and let the egg foam then apply liberally over face and neck.
(Avoid the mouth and eye area.)
Let it set on your skin for 15-20 min. Your skin should feel tight and look shiny.
Rinse with warm water then splash cold water on your face to close pores.
Hydrate with a toner then moisturize. 
This mask is best with oily/combo skin types, NOT DRY!

The egg protein is amazing and the lemon is refreshing as well as adding that deeper cleanse.

Try it, you'll love it! 
Gives a wonderful glow :)

Wishing you wonderful skin health!

Shannon <3 

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