Wednesday, February 4, 2015

DIY: Stimulating treatment for hair growth and scalp health!

I'm FINALLY back with a new DIY!!!

I've been playing around a lot lately, having a ball but have had zero time to put them into the form of a blog. Frustrating some days considering I have been bursting at the seems with new tips and tricks.

If you follow me you know I have 2 babies under 2.
Yes. I'm crazy. 
But I LOVE it!

I'm 5 mos PP from having my daughter and have been dealing with loads and loads of PP hair loss.
I've felt half insane and not just me but my husband as well; just this morning he complained about having stray hairs clinging to his face as he woke up. Funny but kinda nasty.
OR we will be cleaning up a mess on the floor from the kiddos and we find my hair stuck to everything and I mean EVERYTHING! I'm feeling pretty gross most days right now-like I've plagued our entire house with shedding hair.

This is from me combing out my hair before I did this DIY...
This is a small clump!

 Again, not the biggest I've pulled after washing my hair...

With my hormones reacting very differently after this baby and my hair doing what it's doing as well as my scalp. Oh yes, my scalp has joined in on the fun too. My poor scalp is so dry, itchy and flakey these days I've wanted to rip my hair out. (Not that I'm not losing enough already...) I've tried several crunchy and non crunchy methods for this and I'm only just starting to see a change and this hair/scalp treatment is one way I'm helping my poor head.

Let's delve into this quick and easy DIY shall we?

What you'll need and why:

A. Cold pressed, Organic coconut oil

1. Because it's considered a "dry" oil and won't make you feel like a grease-ball if you choose to do the 24-48 hour version of this.

2. Coconut oil has antibacterial properties as well as deep hydration benefits.

3. Naturally soothes itching and inflammation.

4. Helps with healthy hair growth.

B. Rosemary Essential Oil

1. A stimulating EO for hair growth by triggering a more active state for the follicle.

2. There's rumor it can slow the graying process.

3. Is a good oil for men or women suffering with hair loss other than those with PP hormones trying to regulate.

4. Is a booster for decreasing dryness and acne if you breakout around the scalp area. 
The antimicrobial properties are a major plus here!

** This oil should never be used on pregnant and nursing mommies!!
(I am no longer able to breastfeed thus why I'm able to do this. I would be if I could though!)

I suggest dividing your head in 2 sections...

Top half and bottom half or Left side and Right side.

You'll need to base the amount of coconut oil off thickness and length of your hair.
So between a Penny to Quarter sized or Silver dollar if you have crazy thick or super long hair.

Per Section... 

You'll want 3 drops of Rosemary EO.
Your scalp should feel cool and tingly, no burning!
Should a burning sensation happen I suggest washing your hair asap as you might have a higher sensitivity to this particular EO. If desired, try again but use 1-2 drops per section.

Massage your scalp and drag oil to the ends of your hair.

Let it set for 30 min to an hour or use as an overnight treatment!
Heck, you can be bold and go for 24-48 hours like I have.
(I've even gone to work like this, just pinned my hair up and put on some extra fun earrings to distract from my less than fancy hairdo.) **If I'm leaving this in while I sleep I put a towel on my pillow.

I'm doing this treatment as we speak and will probably be shooting for a 48 hour go with this seeing as I want extra clean hair for a baby shower I'm attending this weekend for a fellow blogger and soon-to-be mommy Melissa @ Freeing Imperfections!! 
You can see her blog here... 

Have a wonderful day and God Bless,
Shannon <3