Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Blackheads on your nose and how to safely remove them!!

I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off and have had zero time to write!

So please keep plugging with me...
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I do need pictures don't I? 
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So. Back to my messy thoughts of the evening....

Your nose is a very powerful part of your body telling you what's up.
We all get those nasty black heads.
Hate'em like I do?
Of course!
In fact they could be telling you something is off in your diet,
Or that you just don't hydrate enough.

There are a few way to get rid of them or at least make them less...

Lemon juice:
It's antibacterial properties go to the root and start killing those little suckers off!
Cleanse and steam for a couple min then apply some lemon juice and let the tingle happen. 
I like feeling it get in there and do it's work, others may find it too much. 
(And that may be an indicator chemical peels are NOT for you.)
You may remove or leave it set over night. 
Don't apply too much or you'll be sticky!
Results can happen in a day or a couple. 
Always remember sunblock as lemons lower your skin's tolerance to certain rays.

Toothpaste and Olive Oil:
As always cleanse & steam.
Mix some olive oil and toothpaste (Nothing with gel and preferably organic if not that's okay too.) on a cotton round and apply in small circles on nose,
The peppermint may be strong and burn your eyes some, I usually close my eyes and rest.
Let it set on for 5-10 min then rinse with warm water and splash with cool after to close pores.
You should see a difference!

Biore Pores Strips:
Cleanse & Steam.
Read instructions and be careful not to over soak your strip as it will be pretty much useless.
Let it set up till it's hard then gently remove as it says.
These things are fun to look over when finished hehe Yes, I'm sick ;P
Rinse any crust that may still be on and splash cold water to close pores.

These are 3 methods I use besides vitamins, water and antioxidants! 
(Facials too when I have the chance)
These are cheap and effective.

Don't get over ambitious and try to pop them out, 
there's a chance for scaring or the result of a Rodolph nose come morning.

Well, I am VERY tired and need to crash but had to get this out before my blog fluttered away with the rest of my crazy busy week... OI.

Shannon <3
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  1. i have blackheads and the biore strips DONT work if you have deep black heads, it just removes the skin on the surface of the blackheads. i would not reccomend spend the money ($8 DOLLARS! CRAZY RIGHT!!!?) for something that probably wont work

  2. It also depends on the general health of your skin when using those strips... Sometimes if you're dehydrated or are using poor hygiene products it'll make it near impossible to remove them with the strips. There's a homemade method I have yet to try that creates these strips in a way and it's far from $8.00. I plan on trying it out when I find the time and will post on it. :) The strips def aren't for everyone and I agree they cost more than they should.

    It's been tricky to keep things up when I've been sharing a computer for almost a year now.
    Thanks for the comment!

  3. you should NEVER put straight lemon juice on your skin, and especially not toothpaste. these are terrible tips.

  4. Anonymous,

    Lemon juice is a wonderful AHA and a mild VERY mild "peel" of sorts thus helping dissolve blackheads. If it wasn't safe to put lemon juice on your skin then if wouldn't be safe to get chemical peels. Lemon juice is only to be applied for 5-10 min and no longer and preferably at night since it does make your skin sensitive.

    Toothpaste works wonders as well, just be sure you're using a more organic base and you'll be just fine. Heck, you could even make your own. (Something I'm looking into.) Once again 5-10 min. Best during a shower.

    Skin is my profession and I wouldn't put anything up that I didn't trust. If new research would EVER arise I would be very quick to update any info that could be harmful but these tips are perfectly healthy/safe. Abusing them is what would cause harm and you can abuse anything that's good for you.


  5. Lemon juice works great. I just apply it to a clean face after the shower and I can feel it working within seconds. It does tingle and itch, but only for a few minutes. Lemon either takes away or brings to all those pimples and it also evens my skintone and reduces pimple scars.

  6. Another good thing is keratin (powder) mixed with a little milk. Put it in the microwave for a few seconds then apply until hardened! Works great, just avoid cheek areas and hairlines!(:

    1. Autocorrect! Gelatin not keratin...