Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sore muscles? Try this bath!!

Hello! Hello!

So my husband just took his 11.5 hour black belt test and as you prob guessed he's pretty sore...
I told him I'd concoct a bath for him so we could get in there and work on releasing some tension in his body. His back, legs, arms ect all felt like one giant brick! He had trouble walking, go figure he was moving 9 hrs straights out of that 11.5. So proud of him!!!

A bath sounds like the perfect way to treat yourself doesn't it?

Try this if you're sore from a long day, healing muscles from a hard workout or feeling that sickly yuck from a flu or cold......

You'll need the following:

1. Essential Oils of pure form something like oils from doTERRA
(I used this round Peppermint)

2. Epsom Salts

3. 2 teabags of Tension Tamer 
(Simply drop in the water or open up and sprinkle around.
I usually open mine up then rinse afterwards.)

4. Olive Oil for slip if you're planning on working some massage or just use as a natural moisturizer/cleanser.

I never use measured amounts, usually just eyeball it.
But if I had to guess I would say....

Do all of this while to tub is filling up:

1. Start out with you epsom salts and sprinkle a med handful in.

2. Take the tea and either drop or sprinkle in.

(Mix both well! You don't want lobster hot water but you do want it def warm.)

3. Add a small amount of olive oil
(This does make the tub slippy  so use with caution)

4. Count out 25-35 drops of essential peppermint oil
(You want to have a slight cooling effect on the skin)

5. Continually mix until you're ready to get in!

**Try to let your body soak for 15-30 min, some people find the peppermint to be too intense and can only stay in for 10. It has a Biofreeze effect on your body and gets in there to soothe those muscles.

My husband asked me to work on some of his muscles while he soaked and the olive oil gives PERFECT slip to do just that. He also commented afterwards that his skin no longer felt tight or dehydrated. (Loosing all that water when sweating is murder on your skin) He's requested another before the week is out seeing as he feels better but now needs to tend to 2nd stage healing.

The good thing also is if you have a headache this will help as well :)

Hope you like this and it helps!

Have a wonderful day!

Shannon <3