Wednesday, October 3, 2012

DYI In a rush or too tired cleaner for spilled milk!!

Ever spill some milk on the carpet and felt too tired to really clean it up the way it should be?
That happened to my husband and I the other evening...

Plumb worn out from a VERY long weekend and looking at a bowl of spilled cereal I told my husband to clean up the actual particles and then I'd grab something to take care of the mess until I could scrub the floor. This not only prevents oder, but it lets you rest calmly if you're too tired or too busy at that very moment. i.e One of the kids does this right before they need to be on the bus and you need to be headed off to work! This will save sanity, money and precious time if you're in a rush. 

Here's how I cleaned it:

1. I had the cereal itself pickup and tossed 

2. Grabbed a couple towels and salt, then I loaded up area with salt and placed towels on it over night.
(The salt helps keep a sour oder away while soaking up any moisture.)

3. Take your sweeper the next day and remove towel to vacuum up the salt.

4. Grab some dish soap and hot water with a sponge or scrub brush and soak but not SOAK the carpet and scrub away for 2 min or so. Maybe less. 

5. Sprinkle baking soda over and replace a fresh towel over spot. 
(You can leave for the next day to clean for added assurance of a dry carpet.)

6. Vacuum 24 hours later and call it good :)

There won't be a smell and it's a safe non-toxic way to clean if you have kids or pets! Plus it's cheap.
I don't like strong smells with cleaners unless it's bleach haha I don't know why. 

**If you desire, you can use a homemade fresh scent spray (Which I will post a DIY later for that) over the area when finished, actually over the room for a super clean and therapeutic aroma! 

That's all for now, have a great day!

Shannon <3

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

DIY Fruit Fly Killer!

Ever notice how fruit flies multiply so quickly?
They hide in your kitchen and in your bathroom.

Well, we eat a lot of fresh produce in our house and noticed these little guys coming around lately...


Here's a DIY method that's non-toxic and doesn't have those awful fumes.

What you will need:

A clean mason jar

Apple cider vinegar

dish soap

Steps to prep:

1. Grab your mason jar, apple cider vinegar and dish soap.

2. Add 1 cup apple cider vinegar to jar then a few drops of dish soap

3. place in a location out of reach of children and traffic and let the trap do it's thing

It's nice cause it doesn't stink and it took me less than 5 min to make!
It's been under 30 min and it's already claimed a few lives, truly wonderful. :)

Shannon <3