Saturday, February 4, 2012

Finish that workout with a mini detox!

I'm sure you know:
That part of the reason we are told working out is good for our bodies is that it helps release toxins.
Stretching, sweating ect... It all helps our bodies purge the gunk that builds up over time.
And if you hit it hard enough your body should have some sort tremble going on,
where if you do one more thing you'll fall over!
In feeling like that you should've worked up quite a sweat, this also helps purge your body.

Why do you think spa's have steam rooms and sauna's??
To help clean out some of that gunk!
(Some people think they'll loose weight when in reality it's just excess water retention not actual weight loss.)
To be honest, most of those places in most spa's make me nervous... 
They rarely get cleaned correctly and you can get sick super fast.
(For example, my husband on our honeymoon.)
Now some places do in fact keep them clean and disinfected like they should be.
Thank heavens!
However, if you don't have access to one of these your shower will double for a steam room nicely.

After a hard workout or long day try the following:
Warm the bathroom with the hottest water as possible while getting ready for your shower and start getting those pores open.
(Make sure you have cool water to drink while you're in there if you feel faint.)
Turn the heat down to a reasonable temp so you don't scald yourself and wash as normal.
Put your hair conditioner in and a mask on your face for this last part...
Turn the water back up to high heat and let the warmth flow around you.
This feels absolutely wonderful!! You can feel your skin and muscles thanking you.
(Make sure your shower head isn't close, aim it down or to the side a little!)
Do this for at least 5 min then turn it back to a reasonable temp and rinse.
The final act isn't always a favorite but it not only preserves shine in hair and is good for tightening  your pores back up is doing a quick rinse with cool water.
I know, I know... But your body will love you for it later.
 Pat yourself dry, apply lotion,
any treatments you might use on your hair,
and your nightly or daily skin care routine.
If you have any vitamins or shakes you drink after a workout I suggest to do it then followed by a meal 
and of course water.

Try this and see how you feel afterwards and or the next morning!
You might feel tired or you might feel energized.
This all depends on your stress levels,
sleep record,
over all health ect...

If you're sensitive to high heat then try taking a bath seeing as that's another way to go and it might be easier so you're not standing.

Shannon <3

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