Friday, February 3, 2012

Splash with warm then splash with cold!

Though this won't be a traditional DIY blog,
I was thinking of a quick tip that helps you get your face twice as clean before bed and every morning when you wake and are getting ready for your day....

Before you go straight for the face wash or cleansing bar,
splash your face with warm water and get those pores ready to be cleaned out!
If you don't have a face wash that removes eye makeup I suggest you do that next with a mild remover.
Nothing with parabens or any such chemical.

You can make your own makeup remover with Olive oil and Witch Hazel!
I will admit I have yet to try this but I've heard rave reviews about it if your skin is alright on the olive oil front...
It's on my to do list!!
I'm currently using Equate, a store brand.

After your makeup is removed with a gentle hand of course, we don't want to chance damaging the skin around our eyes seeing as it's so thin. Your skin is now ready for a cleansing!
Massage in soothing circles that go up and out. 
never go down as your up and out help keep your muscles toned and informed up is best. :)
Rinse your face with warm water once again.
Then splash on some cold to close those pores and get them ready for your toner!

After your toner you should have a serum, then moisturizer for your face and eyes.
These should be a little more intense than your day cremes seeing as your skin does most of its regenerating at night while you sleep. Thus we call it beauty sleep.
I have and antioxidant serum from Juice Beauty, LOVE it!!!
It's $45.00 and worth every drop. 

Try these little things when you do your nightly or daily cleansing and see how it helps you feel even more refreshed! I swear by this and can tell when I forget out of laziness or sleepiness.

If you're in a place that's having snow like me enjoy it!
And if you're not and you happen to be in a warmer location enjoy that as well, esp if you're at a beach!!

Shannon <3

You should have 2 different cleaners, a scrub/or an at home peel. 
One meant for bedtime which would be a deeper clean, that or the scrub/and or peel.
(Which is only to be used max 3 times a week for the scrub. 
 And 1 to 2 times a week for the peel.
You don't want to over exfoliate!
People who use a scrub/or peel every day will come to regret it as it has the possibility to cause premature wrinkles. Your skin needs a break to recover just like muscles when working out.)
And one for the day which would be more gentle and soothing.
(since you shouldn't have any makeup on your face.)

Hope that wasn't too confusing ;)

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