Monday, February 20, 2012

Vitamin Eeeeeeeee! Let's heal some scars....

I've had my share of scrapes, bumps and bruises.
I don't always mind if something leaves a scar esp if it has a good story behind it!
Then there are others I really would rather do without.

Vitamin E:

Has been proven to help heart disease,
Prevent cancer,
Severely cracked and dry lips (hands and heels),
Help slow and maybe reverse some signs of aging.

It has wonderful antioxidant properties which are important to cell membranes that help purify and cleanse the body as well as heal your skin when it comes to scars and various other unsightly things.
Now I'm not saying it'll take care of any and every scar cause some need to be removed via a Dr.
However, it can really do wonders on acne scars, some stretch marks, cuts received on the job ect...

Read further to see where I gathered more information!


Vitamin E can be found in your food as well which can be another powerful way to heal your body..
 If curious :)

Tip & Application Procedure:
I usually get capsules and a sterilized pin to prick a small hole and squeeze out what I need.
Take notice though, this capsule once punctured is only good for 1 week max!!
Storage of such a little guy can be done in a air tight plastic bag or small container.
Apply to your scar or healing wound 3 times a day until desired results.
If it's easier just do it twice a day morning & night.

Yet another cool tidbit on something you will most likely find in your kitchen!

Have a wonderful day and stay warm, it's chilly here in somewhat sunny CO ;)

Shannon <3

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