Monday, September 10, 2012

Deeper Nightly DIY Facial Cleanse!!

Good Morning!
I'm feeling really disconnected from my goofy pregnancy congestion this morning so if this sounds fuzzy, please forgive. ;)

I've been toying around with a better/deeper nightly facial cleanse since I've gotten pregnant and want to help this pregnancy acne clear up faster than what it was when it first kicked in. And this is not just for acne, it's for a cleaner face at night in general.

Doing some research and crossing my fingers I've tried various methods...
Some made me feel sick due to smell or made my skin irritated due to hormones being kinda crazy. After trial and error I think I'm finally onto something great!
Taking various ideas off youtube, trusted websites and my own personal experiences I've come up with  a satisfying nightly routine that I won't likely be changing any time soon.

During the day our skin is reacting to our hormones, stress levels, environment, makeup, food, water/liquid intake etc. All of this is on out skin at the end of the day. Kinda gross huh? 
Chances are we aren't getting it all off at night like we thought.
Double the yuck. 
Even the best cleanser can leave residue behind, sad to say.
But that doesn't make it an evil product!
Not by a long shot.

It just might need a little help at the end of the day...

What you'll need:

Cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil

Dickinson's witch hazel

A small plastic or glass bottle w/lid

Cotton balls or cotton rounds

Your cleanser

Sea Breeze astringent (or favorite toner)

1. Mix equal parts of your olive oil and witch hazel in your little bottle.
Shake well before each use and store in a cool place.
(The finished product will look like a childhood science experiment :)

2. Squirt out onto cotton ball/round and apply to face.
Using upward and outward motion this will start to melt the makeup and gunk right off your face!
You will most likely go through several cotton balls but it's worth it.
**Yes, it's safe to use on eye makeup. 

3. After this step you may feel oily which is okay because you'll be taking some witch hazel alone on a cotton ball and going back over your face to clean up anything extra. This acts as a cooling effect and feels wonderful after a long day!

4. Get your cleanser and cleanse as usual. Circular motions up and out, rinsing with warm water.
(Never hot!) 

5. Pat your face dry and grab another cotton ball.
Apply your favorite toner, some more witch hazel or my personal choice, Sea Breeze astringent.
This will show if any residue was left behind and really set the pores up for a good night's rest!

6. Apply any serums or cremes and get ready for bed.
You're done!

Yes, there are 6 steps but after you have everything you need and you do it a couple times it goes by quickly. I actually spend less time getting ready for bed now because of this.
My skin feels cleaner, it's brighter, clearer (from my pregnancy breakouts), and less oily come morning!

** Not every skin type can use an astringent every day. So plan accordingly. 

This is truly the best night care system I've had yet!!

Shannon <3

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