Thursday, June 14, 2012

Popping that zit safely!

Good Morning!!

I figured it's about time to get back into my DIY blogs!

Let's talk about a way to care for/before dealing with that awful zit (s) as it has now come to a full white head and is ready to be exterminated! There are of course proper vs improper ways to take care of this... Esp if you're not going to see your Aesthetician every time you need one popped. (Which some say is a MUUUUST, but we all know that isn't going to happen haha) 

Some people just go for the kill which isn't the ideal way to prep and protect your skin.

Here's a quick step by step you can do after you've cleansed your face and are getting ready for bed!

Assuming you've let your little friend come to a white head (Which is the safest/best!) 

This is what you'll need to do:

1. Wash your hands!

2. Cleanse 

(Using a light exfoliating cleanser NOT a scrub as it will break open the infected area spreading the bacteria about your face giving way for more possible issues!)

3. Take a dampened cotton ball that has a little tea tree oil on it and apply to infected area.
(This will prep your skin even more giving you a sanitized area to work with seeing as the properties of tea tree are a fabulous anti bacterial.)

4. Take a fresh blood lancet and prick the side of your blemish VERY gently!

(Not straight down into the pore or else you may cause permanent scaring or reinfection. I like this type as I can replace the cap and safely toss it.) 

5. Use 2 Q-tips and GENTLY press from the bottom of the infected area...
A white puss will start to ooze and then a "head" should pop out followed by a little blood.

(If this is done correctly and you've pressed from the under side vs the top you should now be pain free! If pain is still there then you may have tried too soon or not extracted the entire "head" I do caution you on how many times you try this as you don't want a bigger infection nor a scar.)

6. Re-clean area with a fresh damp cotton ball and tea tree oil.

(There should be a satisfying sting indicating it's getting any possible straggler bacteria.)

7. Spot treat with a clay mask to really make sure you've got that sucker out of there!
After mask is hard an dry rinse with mild temperature water.

(It's cool to see how it extracts the last of the gunk if there's any left.)

8. Treat with any acne treatment to ensure proper healing and apply nightly moisturizer.

(Come morning your little friend should be gone and there should be only a small red mark with now signs of swelling and/or pain. This will heal if properly cared for in a few short days depending on how fast your body naturally heals its self.)

So there you have it! 
8 steps does sound like a lot but when you're actually doing it, it seems like you've taken hardly any time at all. You can never be to careful when dealing with these little buggers....

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Shannon <3 

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