Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Apple Cinnamon Water: Add some spice to your life!!

Hello and Good Evening!!
The air has been crisp and fresh as it blows in the open windows.
Mmmmm loving the small break from the heat!

I had come across a new water idea and my mom decided to make some last night cause she said it sounded too good to wait! Not to mention it tastes better if you let it set over night :)

Apple Cinnamon water!!!

Water is so key to drink and it can get old if you're drinking something tasteless ya know?
Plus, it's nice to always find creative ways to feed your body added nutrition.

So let's discuss some interesting facts about Cinnamon...
Being an old and rather exotic and pretty common household spice it proves to be a valuable thing to have around! Both for topical and internal purposes. 
(Not to mention it makes a wonderful addition to many a DIY air freshener)

Can be used in various cold remedies and cold prevention
Gas prone tummies
Upset tummies
Painful cramps pertaining to the monthly gift
May improve energy, vitality and circulation
(The circulation aspect may help those who suffer with warm bodies but chronically cold feet)
Is also proven to help you digest dairy 

Apples come in so many colors and sizes, they are one of my favorite snacks and I can't help but let their scent dance about me when fall is in the air. I love apples! 
These are also very common in households which makes this such an easy water to make.

Protects your bones
Aids in treating asthma
Prevents or aids in preventing Alzeimer's
Various types of cancer prevention 
Diabetes aid
Weight loss for women

And these benefits for both items are only a fraction of what they offer!
And when putting these two together in water it not only delights your senses, it hydrates and awakens the vitality within us. What wonderful news :) I made sure to snag some before I crashed last night and noticed the flavor intensify come morning.SO yummy!!

All you need is:
A gallon or 2 gallon pitcher of water
Ice or a fridge
1 or 3 apples depending on the depth of flavor you desire
Several cinnamon sticks
(Yes, sticks and NOT powder)

Prep the night before use for best results:
1. Fill pitcher with water.
2. Cut apples to desired size, halves work well.
3. Add your cinnamon stick then chill.
4. Enjoy the following day! 

I'm sitting here sipping on some myself and very pleased to have this new addition to my growing water beverage arsenal. I find this is one of the best ways to stay hydrated and have more energy! It really helps, esp since part of having leftover side effects regarding my TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and one of the biggest being lack of energy. Drinking stuff like this is a life saver, believe me! 
(Might also be a creative way to keep the kiddos hydrated as well Mom's)

Hope y'all have a wonderful day!

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