Sunday, January 29, 2012

Say whaaaat??: Banana mask for your hair!

Sounds nasty right?
That's what I thought until I did research and tried it myself!

Your hair ages along with you, but have you noticed that you can be in your 20's and start getting gray hair??
Ah yes, how lovely.

Stress is one way this happens:
The more you stress, the faster your hair ages.
Your genetics are also a huge part. 
So don't stress over the thought you might be over stresssing :)

Go figure.
If you don't drink enough water, 
skip meals on a regular basis 
and you lack protein you will cause damage.

Hair products and what we do to our hair on a daily basis:
Hair dos.
Types of brushes we use or don't use ect... 
Do you worry about your hair's health?
I know since I started having my hair colored nearly 5 years back I started thinking on this.
I knew getting it colored wasn't the most ideal thing to do, but I love to have fun and change things up!
There are expensive treatments you can have done at your local spa...
There are jars of various treatments you can buy at the store...
All start to not only add up but they aren't as natural as we'd like if we really admit it.

I just had my hair colored a couple weeks back and I was looking for a new mask to try and found something on banana's. I know mashed banana's don't smell the greatest so I wasn't thrilled at the thought of putting them all over my scalp and in all through my hair. Esp since my hair is so long!

Doing more research I was convinced to give it a try.
Banana's are high in potassium, carbs, vitamins and natural oils.
All of which are amazing for revitalizing, deep conditioning, natural shine and elasticity.
Perfect for colored hair or any type looking for some life brought back into it!!

I used a simple mask yesterday and am shocked at how soft my hair is today not to mention shine!!

My mask:
Frozen banana warmed slightly in microwave.
Mashed well!!
(If you like use a blender. I felt lazy.)
Add a small amount of olive oil for added slip and moisturizing properties.
It's good if mixture is slightly warm to heat your hair folicle and scalp.
After the mixture is combed through your hair and massaged over your scalp, put your hair up in a towel or cheap plastic shower hat. (I prefer plastic to let the heat circulate easier.)
Let it set for 15-30 min, longer if you feel like you have intense damage.
 Shampoo and condition as normal.
(Rinse with cool water!)
(I shampooed twice but only using small amounts of shampoo.) 
Style the way you usually do.
Or let your hair rest for a day or two after.

Enjoy the bounce and shine to follow!!
My husband can't keep his hands out of my hair today so I must've done something right ;)

Another banana mask to try...
(Which I will next time!!)
1 banana mashed
1 Egg
3 Tbsp Honey
3 Tbsp Milk
5 Tbsp Olive Oil

Mix in a blender so you don't have such a chunky mix and try to keep it warm like the mask above.
Start at your scalp and move to your ends.
Comb through if you wish.
Apply shower hat and relax for 15-30.
Longer if you feel the need.
Rinse with cool water. 
Shampoo and condition as usual.

These are AMAZING masks for the winter!!!
Enjoy getting messy and the luxurious shine.

Shannon <3

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