Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lemon: The Quick Zit Killer!

Ever hear of putting lemon juice on a cut?
Ever try it?
What does it do?
Well, sting of course, but there's so much more!!

Some of this fascinating find goes clear back to Ancient Egypt....
(My sister should like this)
The Egyptians believed that drinking lemon juice helped you fight off potential poisons, which in a way is true considering lemons carry antibacterial & antiviral properties. Not to mention they help with digestion and liver function, boost your immune system and have been known to aid weight loss.

Their citric acid
Vitamin C
Are all immune buddies :)

My tip (one of many) dealing with lemons is that theses little guys are bomb in fighting off zits!
Fresh lemon juice is best, unfortunately the bottled stuff doesn't always work the way I like.
After you cleanse in the morning get some on a cotton swab dab the areas where you are having trouble. Do the same at night before bed, just make sure you don't over do it as lemons can make your skin extra sensitive to sunlight. So use with care.
You should see a difference in a day or so, I love using it!!!

That's also why I love both warm and cold lemon water. 
Warm lemon water in the morning helps aid in a sweet coffee craving and gets your body ready for the day. A few glasses of lemon water throughout the day help your body stay detoxed, your digestion track work better and keep unnecessary cravings away.

All of which helps acne!

Now if you suffer from medical grade acne consult your dr. first.
But drinking lemon water is always a good way to start helping your body balance out.

I swear by these yellow friends of mine and encourage your to try this out!
(Unless there's an allergy, then please once again consult your Dr.)

Hope you're having a wonderful day!
I'm drinking some lemon water to help fight off my cold :)

Shannon <3  

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