Thursday, May 1, 2014

Wedding Prep! Pt 1. DoTERRA

It's heading towards one of the biggest wedding season... SPRING/SUMMER!!

 I usually like to touch on this topic each year and decided a mini blog series would be a nice touch for 2014. I have picked some companies that I know have great products as well as some DIY home goodies to help you out. In general you should be caring for you skin on a daily basis by doing things from the inside out but there's a time in a woman's life where she likes a little extra TLC for her body/skin and her wedding is most likely the biggest! (Who can blame her?? All those photos, man of her dreams etc...) 

Let's do this!

The list of companies (but not limited to) are:

DoTERRA Eseential Oils

Michael Todd True Organics

Yonka Paris

Juice Beauty



But for today's blog we're covering DoTERRA!

Essentail oils are a wonderful way to support your body's health from the inside out. 

They help build or rebuild your immune system, can be used for detox, can relax your mind and body or give you that energizing boost one might need! (Plus SO much more!) I'm delving into this world more and more since I had my son and am now pregnant with #2 and getting the news of my mom's breast cancer a month or so back. I get more excited with each new gem I uncover and wish more people knew about these precious gifts of nature. Seriously, Google away or talk to a nutritionalist who's certified and you'll be opened to a whole new world of possibilities for living...

As for prepping for that big day there are a few things you can do that are simple and don't take much time so you don't need to feel overwhelmed. In fact this may help that feeling during wedding planning. Remember, if you overly stress while planning all the way up to the very day of your wedding it will show on your skin! Seen it many times.

Ashley's Green Life on youtube (or her blog) talk about various ways to use them internally or for defusing purposes. I suggest checking her out and here's a link for a "Flu Bomb" to help ward off sickness:

I really think having a small arsenal on hand is a good thing!
For wedding prep there are a few I'd really suggest...

Oils to consider:

(Amazing for acne, relaxation, sleep aid etc...)

Ylang Ylang
(Relaxation, good for sensitive skin types, sedative/antidepressant)

(Stomach soother, awakens the mind for focus, great in water, headache aid)

Wild Orange
(Energizing, great in water, warm face compress with towel for mental clarity)

(Tea tree oil basically, acne aid, water aid for washing skin if feeling "bumpy")

Slim n Sassy
(This is a special extra to consider) 
(For that extra boost in your physical workout/diet prep!)

(Sleep aid, Anti anxiety, Anti-inflammatory)

** As ALWAYS, dilute and make sure any oil doesn't have an interaction with any med or health condition! Also double check on side effects if you tend to have a very "reactive" body.   **

Now this may seem like a massive list to some so I'll just name the "must haves" if you're sitting there face-palming yourself ;)

Must Haves:

Lavender or Melaleuca
(For acne)

Wild Orange and Peppermint
(For water enhancement)

(For sleep)

Acne care:

1. Drop 2-3 drops in a sink full of warm water and use that to cleanse your face at night.
(Just watch opening your eyes)

2. Any facial oil you may be using at night can have either Lavender or Melaleuca added 1 drop for night treatments. (Avoid contact with eyes)

3. Wet a cotton ball tip and add a drop of oil and use on any nasty blemish popping up on your skin. Morning, noon and night if desired.

Water aid:

Hydration/energy boost using Wild Orange and Peppermint using a pitcher to a gallon sized jar and adding several drops of each. Basically the water should have a cooling effect and slightly taste of orange... Roughly 5-10 drops depending on the amount of water being used, you decide what balance tastes best for you as everybody is different. Some people use more but I run on the side of slightly less. Google around if curious...This has given me wonderful energy when I've had a full day at work and needed to stay on track. 

(Sandalwood, Lavender, Ylang Ylang

1. Make a pillow spray in 4 oz dark glass spray bottle using 4-6 drops. 

2. Use in oil burner next to bed 1 hour before crashing. 

3. May be used with a carrier oil to rub on chest and back of neck, 1-2 drops. 

4. Add to a bath with epsom salts and baking soda for a detox soak. 
(Be in for at least 20-30 min) 

5. Put a few drops into a burning vanilla candle. 

 There are many other methods in using you EO's and it's a good idea to read up on them.
You can even call around to spa's and see if they offer pure EO (Essential Oil) based facials. I know DoTERRA has their own facial/spa system and I wish I was able to use their system at work! As in I wish we carried their facial products vs just their oils for our treatment rooms. I'm always including oils in my treatments and the last time I actually made myself hungry with the Wild Orange.

See you in the next blog, we will be going over the company Michael Todd True Organics! 

Shannon <3


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