Saturday, October 19, 2013

DIY Night Treatment For Skin Take 2!!


I decided to try another rout with my night treatment because I know not everybody can use coconut oil as their base. The next best oil is Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed, Olive Oil!

Here are some facts about our friend:

1. Linoleic acid (Not made by the skin) is a powerful property for helping prevent hydration loss.
(Easily penetrates the skin and helps heal or speed up healing time and amazing for those who feel like they live in the land of dehydrated skin!)

2. Anti cancer.

3. Fights those pesky free rads and fights cell destruction. 

4. Yet again a glorious anti age knight in shining armor. 

5. Improve texture, those useless little bumps that aren't acne based.

Sounds good huh? 
I'm equally in love with this rout as well!! 

Here's what I do:

A. I use a dark glass jar with a dropper top, about 5 oz in size.
(Blue or brown preferably)

B. Fill jar with my oil just before I hit that little "neck" so I don't have overflow issues when the dropper is placed inside.

C. I first add 1-2 drops of lavender essential oil in my hand 
(Why I use this particular oil... ) then use a less than dime sized amount of the olive oil to mix with it. (If you need a dime sized amount that's totally fine!) 

D. Apply to face, neck and chest using upward and outward motions and let your skin drink till it's content!

**If you love another oil for your skin try this method out and see what you think. 
i.e. Jojoba as it mimics the functionality of our skin's natural oil production. :) 

**If you desire to mix both coconut and olive oil you can do that as well. 
Just warm the oil to so the coconut oil melts and you have a proper blend when using!  

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Shannon <3 

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