Monday, May 7, 2012

DIY Coffee & Cinnamon Sugar Scrub!!

Good Evening!!
It's been a grey and rainy day here in the Springs so I felt the urge to play in my kitchen today...

I decided I needed a new sugar scrub seeing as I haven't had one in a LOOOONG time.
It's very simple and I'm pretty sure you have everything in your kitchen already if you're a coffee drinker. It took me less than 10 min to whip up, so all my errands and household cleaning could take a step to the side w/out causing any time constraint on my very busy day. 

Bonus points!!!

First things first....

What are these ingredients and why are they good for my skin??

Helps reduce inflammation
Aids in killing cellulite allowing circulation to take place
Makes a wonderful exfoliant 

Can help smooth skin that's eczema prone
Makes your skin glow
For every skin type
Can aid in unclogging pores

Plumps the skin
Yet another eczema treatment
Kills acne

Olive Oil:
Soothes various irritations
Anti Age aid
Gives way for a smooth and closer shave

My husband says it smell like Starbucks haha 
(He doesn't like coffee but still wants to try it, I love him. :)

Lets get started!!

Here's what you need.....

A large mixing bowl

Measuring Cups and spoons

A spatula 

And a clean mason jar

**There's no particular order to mix this so don't worry :)

You can use fresh or used coffee grains, I tried used but will do fresh next round.
1 cup

The sugar is up to you, wether organic or not, but obviously organic would be better.
1 cup

Again freshly ground or not, it's whatever is easiest for you!
1 tablespoon

And last, extra virgin olive oil
About a 1/4 cup
 (I used a 1/2 and that made it too soupy...)

**Mix until blended.
Place in a mason jar for safe keeping and store in a cool dry place.
Your scrub should stay fresh for 2 months! 

(Makes sure when getting it out for use that clean hands or a clean spoon is used to keep from possible bacteria build up. This is very important.)

You skin should feel soft, supple and well moisturized!!
This is great for fast moving mornings when you don't have time to apply body lotion 
OR if you live in a humid climate. 

Use once a week for proper body exfoliation :)
And as always, enjoy you latest creation!!!

Hope you enjoy this as much as I am and will, it's great to know I'm using something safe and I paid under $5.00! I love that.

Good night!

Shannon <3 

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