Monday, March 26, 2012

Painful blemish?? Make it happy :)

Or at least make you happier haha

Here's a super quick way to help ease the pain of a blemish or two that may be causing some discomfort...

(Check for allergies first before considering this treatment)

Easy as 1, 2, 3:

1.Take uncoated aspirin tablets using genuine aspirin

2.And damp cotton round(s) & pre-dampened skin

3.Let the tablet dissolve before gently applying to effected area
(A slight white film over blemish or particles are normal)

4.Leave on the skin for 3 min the rinse with lukewarm water.

5. If desired dab on a little lemon juice or tea tree oil to finish off treatment.

For those ridiculously painful ones try the band aid method for half and hour!

* * Place moist tablet or capsule powder on skin,
use a small band aid to cover and hold to blemish for 30 min. 
This should reduce the size and ease the pain making it easier to conceal!
 Esp if you have a big event or date coming up. :)


If pustule pops open use Hydrogen Peroxide to draw out any remaining toxins!
If need be hold soaked Q-tip to blemish and let the fizziness take hold.
You can see it clean out your pest before your very eyes!!
Just be aware over use of peroxide may dry your skin. 
And by over use I mean several times a day all week long.
I usually try to keep this to evening before I crash seeing as all my makeup is off and I can sleep letting my body heal from that wonderful little visiter. 

Hope this helps!

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Shannon <3

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